It is often quoted that “cash is king”.

We do agree with this, but then ask – “where does cash come from?”

Cash is generated by continuous profitable sales. Cash is retained by careful credit control and thoughtful, considered expenditure.

We can help you manage all of these aspects of your business. We will review your pricing and your costs to calculate your breakeven point – how many sales do you need to make in order to exactly cover expenses?

We can help you develop a credit control policy, or maybe suggest an out-sourced solution.

A cash-flow forecast is, in our opinion, vital for any business. A forecast that looks at the cash ins and outs of your business over a period of time into the future. This will show, in advance, of any times where insufficient cash is available to meet the expenses and allow us the time to develop a plan to overcome the problem.

We can help you to develop strategies to increase profit and enable you, as the owner of the business, to be better rewarded for your efforts.


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