If you run a business, you’re aware that you have a lot of responsibilities. Not only do you have to run the business but you also have to make sure that your employees and especially their pay run like.

Properly paying your employees is very important and is often something that many businesses are used to. Dealing with payroll accounting can be a bit of a hassle for most business owners, and this is why more are outsourcing this process. Yes, there’s a payroll company out there who will handle your payroll process for you

Why It Pays To Outsource Payroll

For starters, outsourcing your payroll will be much more efficient. Many businesses use an in-house payroll manager to help with the payroll process. Using an in-house professional seems like a good idea but it might be more problematic than you think. Yes, these professionals have the expertise your business needs to stay on top of the finances and payroll processes throughout the year. However, it can cost a fortune to have them on your staff. Many payroll admins charge a significant amount per hour they tend to the payroll process. By outsourcing payroll processing you can save money by spending a fraction of what you spend on payroll managers.

Investing in outsourcing payroll can also help you avoid getting into financial trouble. Far too many businesses have gotten into tax trouble because they didn’t pay attention to their business’s finances. The payroll process can be extremely complicated, especially now that HMRC have brought in the RTI requirements, and this is precisely why companies use in-house payroll managers for help.


Holgate Court Accountants are professional accountants with the same level of expertise and can help your business for a fraction of what you’re paying now. We’ll work closely with you throughout the year and deal with payroll RTI and any other associated issues.
If you have issues with your payroll service, or if you’d like to enquire about our services please give us a call on 01708 320 596 and we can help you.



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